Welcome to Mirizelenn Studios

Miriam Melamed heads Mirizelenn Studios with an aim to open a self-owned and operated studio. She is one of the most talented emerging artists across the globe. Her work as a master artist has been showcased in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Canada. She has exhibited, presented  and been followed on social media throughout Canada, United States, the UK, Europe and Asia. Miriam has influenced many  young artists internationally.

Miriam also teaches students in Art-Sociology. She provides her students with artistic techniques that are typically taught by art teachers at college. She encourages hands-on learning that benefits her students.
Miriam has a unique and evocative style of painting and writing.  Her work focuses on art sociology and artworks. Miriam is an author and in addition, she writes and illustrates amazing books for children.

Miriam also takes up projects for decorating homes for new families. She sells her corporate artwork, artwork for businesses and people making investment purchases.

Through Mirizelenn Studios, Miriam hopes to breathe new life and meaning into communities.

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